Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fabulous, decadent desserts!

It's high time to toast Tobey at Sugar! Cake Studio who makes the most amazing desserts and confections your heart can desire. We recently worked with Tobey on Mako & Booth's downtown Seattle wedding to create a dessert close to Booth's heart (or sweet tooth), a Mexican tres leches cake famous in his home state of Texas. Not only was the cake to-die for, but it looked fabulous, Tobey made it to look like a traditional white wedding cake on the outside. She offered wedding guests awesome bread pudding drizzled with whiskey sauce to accompany the cake (guests from Texas raved about both) and both were the talk of the evening!

Tobey also whipped up some fabulous sweet treats for a 50th birthday party we coordinated in Tacoma - pumpkin tartlets, chocolate and Grand Marnier truffles, mini ├ęclairs, and fabulous hazelnut petit fours. The desserts perfectly reflected our theme of wines and scrumptious goodies from regions around the world and paired perfectly with wines from several regions and villages in France - Sainte Croix du Mont, Saussignac, and notably Sauternes from Bordeaux. The soiree was a success and the Man of the Hour couldn't have been happier - we, in part, attribute this to the lovely dozens of desserts!