Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seattle says goodbye to Carroll's Fine Jewelry

After 112 years of top-notch service and breathtaking jewelry, Carroll's in downtown Seattle is closing. Anyone who has been to Carroll's knows they provide nothing but royal treatment to their customers. Dozens of our clients have purchased engagement rings and wedding and anniversary bands there and are treated to tea and cookies and personal care with each visit.

Once you're buzzed in through the marble and gold gilded entry you step into another world - promptly greeted with a smile and a hello it feels as if you're in 19th century London. Seated on oversized, antique velvet stools, customers can peruse both custom-crafted and heirloom jewelry while chatting with the knowledgeable jewelers.

Buying jewelry at Carroll's is an experience in itself and we're personally sad to say goodbye as Nick purchased my engagement ring at Carroll's six years ago! My ring is so special to me and I still treasure my Carroll's green and gold ring box, complete with carefully folded tissue paper atop a velvet pillow. They are open through the end of March and encourage people to stop by and share their memories for their memory book; their site says "Grandpa Carroll always said that Carroll's rings helped make strong marriages, so if you have a wonderful story, please come in and share it with us."

So long, Carroll's and thank you for your service and memories!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A barking good time!

Last weekend we put on a barking good time for our client's golden retriever Milo and some of his friends to celebrate his 10th birthday. The party was complete with fantastic BBQ food, cupcakes with licorice Scottie dogs from the Confectionery at U. Village, and vibrant party hats! You can see that the dogs weren't loving the hats, but they thoroughly enjoyed some outdoor play and took home treats and toys for favors! The owners also had a blast and enjoyed the lighthearted event!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cupcake accoutrements

Cupcakes add a whimsical and youthful feeling to any special event and now there's another way to make them even more special. Fancy Flours has laser-cut cupcake skirts for any special occasion - here are some we'll be using soon for a summer party and a pretty, lacy version for afternoon tea.

You can find them online at for 10 at $14.
What a fun way to dress up an already irresistible treat!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

60th birthday fun in a snowy Ohio

Nick and I just returned from a trip to Cleveland/Newbury Ohio where we checked out vendors for client Carl's 60th birthday party.
We're working with Carl and his wife Pam for his party on Bainbridge in August but they are also hosting one in Ohio where his family is. We flew in with blizzard-like weather last week and drove about a mile east to the absolutely charming township of Newbury.
Carl's party will be held at the historical Punderson Manor (which is rumored to be haunted) where guests will dine, listen to music, enjoy the summertime surroundings; a lake, hiking trails, etc., and a truly unique atmosphere. We also poked around nearby townships like Chagrin Falls and explored fun little shops and restaurants and enjoyed a tasting at Punderson's Cherry Dining Room, tasting a local walleye fish entree and many other delicious morsels.
We really enjoy our trip but were happy to be home after a 4 degree morning!
Here are a few photos from Punderson - more to come after the party in June.