Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2008 - it's been a busy and fun year. A special thank you to all of our fantastic clients, and our fellow wedding "artists." It's been a great year working with you all!
As we ramp up for another busy year we wanted to post a few of our most memorable weddings from the past year.
Happy Holidays to you all!
*Photos by Beccy Hartman, Frank Ross, Kate McElwee, and La Luz Photography
Erica and Rodney's downtown wedding was so unique and colorful - their sparkler exit was fantastic!
Stephenie and Ryan were such a joy to work with; they are such a sweet couple and Nick and I had so much fun creating such a special day with them.
Chris and Mai Lee are an amazing couple. Mai Lee is currently serving her third deployment to Iraq and we planned most of the wedding while she was on her second tour. She and Chris are incredibly sweet and hilarious - our meetings were filled with non-stop laughter.
Stephanie and Tom currently live in Hong Kong, and did while we planned the wedding. Stephanie and I spent most of our time planning email back and forth and developed a fun and strong relationship. We still keep in touch and love to hear what they're up to in China!
Stephanie and Coby (we had a lot of Stephanies this year!) had a stunning wedding at a private home on the water. Frank Ross (who captured our wedding 5 years ago) did a breathtaking job capturing each well-thought out detail and we couldn't be happier. The photos speak for themselves!

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