Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Expert Advice: Fabulous Invitations from Izzy Girl Press

We love working with Janet Maples from Izzy Girl Press to create gorgeous wedding invitation suites and birthday invitations for our clients. Not only is she incredibly creative, but she's sweet and fun to work with! We went to her to ask about what's new for fall invitations. Here's what she says:

Summer isn't even here and I'm already looking forward to fall and the color inspiration it will bring for weddings. It's a fun time for couples to plan a celebration that really stands out from the rest ...and it all starts with the invitation.

Purple is going to be a popular color for the fall season. From lilac and lavender, rosy mauve to deep purples - it's a wonderful color to set the tone for a glamorous event. Think dreamy deco! We used a deep purple in this invitation set and added a pop of vibrant orange. Embellished with a dose of feather-y design, the invitation had a touch of whimsy.

Other purple pairing ideas: pair with rich, rustic brown or shiny metallic for some added glitz. Think charming + inviting and pair lavender with olive green.

Regardless of the colors you chose for your invitation, remember to be creative and be true to your personality!

Thanks, Janet! Stay tuned for other vendor advice from other talented wedding artists we love.


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