Thursday, May 21, 2009

Destination Event: San Diego

Destination events are always an awesome way to have a true wedding experience; what better way to tie the knot, celebrate for days, and get to visit with your family and friends for more than an evening?! We absolutely love planning destination events in foreign locales, but today's bride and groom need to consider the cost of travel for their guests to an Italian seaside villa, a French Riviera hotel, or a Mexican resort.
Why not find a happy medium in a tropical climate that has nearly year-round great weather: San Diego?

With tickets found at under $250 from virtually any US location, San Diego offers killer beaches, fabulous and cutting edge restaurants, fantastic shopping, and excellent lounging. You'll find a plethora of amazing hotels (the Hotel Del Coronado, la Valencia, the Estancia La Jolla, and so many more) that cater to the destination couple - from poolside or beach side ceremonies to brunches, late-night dancing, and gourmet food, you'll be certain to show your guests the time of their lives without leaving the country.
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