Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Find: Seagrass Candles

There is a lovely company out of Port Townsend that we met up with during our events last week called Seagrass. They produce 100% soy wax and plant-derived essential oil candles that smell amazing! I mean really amazing and fresh! They sent me home with three and I can't get enough!

They can customize labels, colors, and scents for your wedding or event to create the perfect match. Seagrass candles also make the perfect hostess or birthday gift! Everything from their packaging to the colors and setup at the Farmer's Market I attended are so coastal and pretty! Check out the photos of some of their colors:
Contact info: seagrass@giraffe8.com or contact us for personalized ordering information: info@threedreamsent.com


Anonymous said...

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Robert, Josslyn, Robby & Sawyer said...

I just discovered these candles today! They are amazing, they consistency of the wax is like butter and the scents are so delicious I almost took a bite! No smoke when they burn and they last forever. I love them!

Anonymous said...

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