Monday, September 14, 2009

A gracious thank you note from a mother of the bride

We had so much fun working with Emily and Ryen and her parents, Pam and John, on their woodland wedding. We worked with all of them for nearly a year and the end result was a stunning and romantic wedding in the woods.
I don't always post thank you notes but this one is just too kind so I had to share. Thank you so much, Pam!

Dear Aleah and Nick,
Most people would agree that the true and best measure of the success of a wedding held at one's home is whether or not the mother and father of the bride are relaxed and enjoy themselves. In case it wasn't obvious, John and I had a wonderful time at Emily and Ryen's wedding and reception and we have you to thank. You kept us all on track during the planning phase, understood our sometimes wacky sense of humor, recommended superior vendors, and dealt with every issue (although we were never aware of any) that came up throughout the evening.

We were free to welcome our friends and family throughout the evening and join in the celebration. Your professionalism allowed us to live in the moment at our "wedding in the woods" for Emily and Ryen. We are exceedingly grateful to you. You are a fantastic team and we truly enjoyed working with you. From our perspective, it was an enchanting evening. Thank you for the vital part you played in making the magic happen.

With Best Regards,
Pamela Swanes

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