Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Planning advice from the bride and groom, VOL II

Renee + Alex were such a joy to work with. Renee and I had a close relationship throughout the planning process and I loved each meeting with her - we had so much fun! Nick and Alex got along swell and they lent their advice on planning as a couple and why it's important to join forces on certain aspects of planning:

What parts of the wedding did you want to plan together or decide on together?
From the very beginning, we wanted plan the ceremony together, especially in regards to the prayers, vows and music. We also wanted to plan the food and beverage at the reception together because we are both “foodies.” We wanted to make sure we had great food and drinks to serve our guests. On the other hand, Alex was less concerned about the “aesthetic design,” than Renee was, so we did not worry much about deciding on the flower arrangements, centerpieces or other decorations together.

2. What was most important to Renee? Alex?
In planning the wedding, Renee felt that the overall d├ęcor and “atmosphere” of the wedding was the most important (probably no big surprise there J). From the gobs of roses and candles at the ceremony, to the warm toned centerpieces and accents at the reception, creating a comfortable yet unforgettable atmosphere was top priority for Renee. Alex felt that it was important to have a good selection of music, suitable for both the younger and older guests; and songs that would make even the most stubborn guests get up and dance.

All of the things mentioned above actually happened, and not only that, they happened without a hitch because of Nick and Aleah!! Planning our ceremony with the perfect vows, prayers and elegant music was much easier thanks to Nick and Aleah. The food, drinks and cake were all excellent… both in taste and in appearance, on behalf of Nick and Aleah’s suggestions. Renee actually teared up when she saw all of her flowers and candles for the first time, and our guests danced ALL night long (even the “sticklers”), because of the advice and assistance Nick and Aleah provided. In the end, our dream wedding actually happened; and we were never that stressed out engaged couple planning our upcoming wedding… Nick and Aleah’s services are invaluable for that reason alone.

Thank you so much; you guys are so great (and such a gorgeous couple)! Aleah + Nick
*Photo by Alex Studios


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Anonymous said...

Again - fun to see comments from grooms and their brides. Good from a planning approach to see what others feel imporants. Danielle