Friday, January 8, 2010

So we just couldn't wait to post this piece of advice from one awesome bride and groom (seriously, they are one of our all-time favorite couples!). Marking our first advice from our grooms post, Ryan and Stephenie want you to know the following when planning your wedding:

"The wedding was important to plan together because it was a union of the two of us. We wanted to make sure we both were comfortable with everything from the color choice to the food to even the wedding planners we chose! It was an event that we knew we were only going to have once so we wanted it to be perfect and we knew that we would clash on somethings and mesh on others, so it was the perfect balance to plan it together. The most important thing for Ryan was making sure the vendors chosen were reliable, especially after all the stories you hear from friends who had flaky vendors.

Stephenie was most focused on being able to plan her wedding with someone who understood her indecisive mind and constant ideas, but would also be able to incorporate their own opinion without being pushy about it. Having Nick & Aleah plan our wedding was the greatest decision we ever made together. They listened and took notes when we had things to say, were extremely dependable and easy to reach at our convenience. They recommended vendors to us which we sat down and interviewed, and soon after agreed to work with. We can't imagine our wedding without them being there. Having Nick involved was a blessing. He was so helpful for anything on Ryan's side and for questions we had relating to the male aspect. It was nice to work with an opposite sex team, but it was amazing to work with Nick & Aleah. I know that if I had to go through it all again, I'd go with them when planning my wedding. They will not just be your wedding planners, they will become a part of your family."

Thank you, Stephenie & Ryan for the kind words and the advice to other brides and grooms!

Happy Planning! Aleah + Nick
Photo: La Luz Photography

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T.A. said...

Looks like you all had a fun planning time. Cute couple too :)