Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Coffee: a few tips to help you select wedding artists

A big step in the planning process is locating amazing florists and invitation designers who will work with you to bring your wedding vision to life.
Here are some of our top tips for helping you to interview and select those artists:

1. ask all the right questions - how many weddings/events does the vendor work on at each time? Most vendors know their talent and work load ability and won't take on too much as they don't want to compromise their reputation. But it's always best to ask. Ask about experience but also ask get to know the artist on a more personal level. Inquire about where they get inspiration from, how they like to work, and what makes them tick. Relating on a personal level is great for a mutual relationship.

2. show the artist photos of your vision to help relay your thoughts. Reading back to our last Monday Coffee post re: staying true to your vision, be sure to give your wedding artists some creative freedom. Most invitation or floral designers we know really don't want their clients to want to simply copy a wedding from a photo or something they found online. After all, they are the experts so let them show you what they can do.

3. work with them to get the creative juices flowing. Meet over coffee or in their studio and work on sketches together, create vision boards, and let them whip up some color inspiration. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in a fun + relaxed sit-down.Photo from Kate Hill Flowers via polkadotbride

4. talk budget up front. We work with our clients to determine how to best allocate their wedding budget so if you are without a planner, be sure to relay this information to each artist up front. Most artists are willing (to some extent) to offer up great suggestions or alternatives to help bring your vision to life if your original budget doesn't allow for certain flowers or invitation styles you might want.

Happy Planning!
Aleah + Nick

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